Banana Sorbet with Coconut Cream

When I served this dessert to guests, the response was overwhelming, someone said this, for her, was probably one of  top three desserts ever – and this from someone who usually eats both cream and white flour! This completely dairy- and gluten free dessert (which also can be made completely sugarfree) consists of banana sorbet flavored with dark rum and chocolate and vanilla coconut cream.

I used dark rum in the recipe but if you want to avoid alcohol is works fine without. The alcohol, however, makes the consistency of the sorbet less icy, even after it refreezing it. Another variation is to mix the frozen banana with cooled coconut cream and thus get more of an ice cream, but it doesn’t refreeze as well. More on that in the recipe below.
I’ve tried the various components in several variations, after a little lighter main dish I combined sorbet and coconut cream with small pieces of chocolate cake (recipe in a coming post). When you’ve eaten a more filling main course before, it is enough with just the sorbet and coconut cream as  is.

Recipe, serves 4

2 large bananas, frozen in chunks
either 1.5 tablespoons honey, 1 tablespoon button agavesirap or 1 tsp stevia
2.5 tablespoons dark rum (optional)
28g dark chocolate, 70% (optional)

Some preparation is required. The banana should be frozen in chunks so that it easily mix in the blender. The sorbet, made from the frozen banana, can then be frozen again and be prepared several days in advance.
Start by stirring the honey with the rum. Then mix the frozen banana, rum and sweetening in a blender until the consistency is smooth. Now you can add in grated chocolate if you want.

(250g) of extra creamy coconut milk or 1 can of regular coconut milk (400g)
1.5 teaspoon vanilla or 1 teaspoon vanilla powder + either little agavesirap or 1 tsp stevia

Coconut milk can be whipped just like ordinary cream if you pour off as much as possible of the coconut water before whisking it. Whisk coconut cream with vanilla powder and sweeter a few hours before serving and cool in the fridge.
Place in serving bowls; approximately half sorbet, half coconut cream and dust cocoa powder over. Do not skip the cocoa! It really adds ab´nother level to the experience and i I recommend a good pinch for each serving.

 If you want a banana and coconut ice cream instead, a more convenient everyday-version is to use 2/3 of frozen banana and 1/3 of chilled coconut cream, something to sweeten a little extra if you prefer (honey or stevia) and maybe a piece of dark chocolate. Mix all ingredients in blender and process until the ice cream is smooth. The ice cream can be refrozen, but should preferably be eaten immediately!

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