Raspberries with Coconut cream, Licorice and Date syrup

Experience a bit of magic and try this dessert! It came to when I wanted to try (to me) two new products; Date Syrup and Licorice Powder. The Date Syrup (brand: Sevan) my mother found in a regular grocery store and the Licorice Powder can also be found in well-stocked supermarkets, specialty stores and some delicatessens.

Date Syrup is made from pressed dates and results in a dark syrup with a caramellized tone to it; amazingly tasty! Use it to sweeten fruit salads and desserts, it also goes wonderfully with Greek and Turkish yogurt and goat cheese.

Recipe: serves 4

Raspberries, aprox. 75g per person
400 g Extra creamy coconut milk
½ tsp licorice powder
1 tbsp agave syrup or 1 tsp stevia
Date Syrup to taste

Nothing complicated to the assembling; I have described in previous recipes how to get a nice whipped texture of coconut cream, just add licorice powder and sweetening if desired.

Serve the raspberries, whipped coconut cream flavored with licorice and drizzle the date syrup on top.

The flavourful raspberries are aromatic and slightly acidic, the creaminess of the coconut cream rounds it off and highlights the taste of licorice that fits well with berries. The soft caramely tone in the date syrup adds depth and sweetness. Simply some ideal flavour combinations; I clicked my own like button for this one:)

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