Raw Chocolate Truffle Cake

raw truffle chocolate cake

If I say this is a really healthy chocolate cake? Maybe you would believe me… But if I also claim that it is one of the best tasting chocolate desserts I have eaten? Smooth and soft in texture, it melts in the mouth and is perfectly sweet… Well, try it and find out…

Use coca powder or carob powder as you choose. Carob is a raw food ingredient that can be used as a substitute for cocoa, and has a sweet, rich taste. Not bitter as bitter and dark as cocoa powder. It is rich in vitamins and minerals (eg calcium) and does not contain caffeine or oxalic acid as cocoa does. However coca also has health properties so use what suits you best. Cocoa contains antioxidants and minerals and vitamins. I usually use cocoa powder myself and mix in a bit of carob because it adds sweetness and an extra layer of flavor.

Chocolate Truffle Cake (Raw, Vegan)

serves 10-12

Use a regular size cake tin (24 cm)

200 g nuts (eg walnuts or hazelnuts)
120 g dates
1/2 teaspoon salt
500 g (4-6) whole ripe avocados
120 g coconut oil
100 ml agave syrup or other liquid vegan sweetener
1 cup carob powder or 1,75 cup cocoa or a mix of both (NOTE: if you are using cocoa you may need more agave)
1 tsp vanilla powder

Prepare the tin by covering the inside with plastic wrap or cut strips of baking paper to line the inside of the edges. Ground the nuts to a coarse nut meal-consistancy in a food processor. Add pitted dates and salt and run the food processor until the mixture combines to a slightly dry cookie dough consistency. Squeeze a small amount in your hand to test if it sticks together. If not – add more dates and mix again.

Add the nut mixture to the bottom of the cake tin and press it down to an even layer using your fingers.

In a food processor or blender, combine avocado, coconut oil (room temp.or warm), carob powder (or cocoa or a mix), vanilla powder, agave syrup and salt until completely smooth and silky. Taste and adjust with more sweet or chocolate flavor to taste. Spread the chocolate mix over the nut bottom-crust. Even out the top with the bottom of a spoon.

Allow the cake to set i the refrigerator for a couple of hours. Store in refrigerator for up to 7 days. Serve with fresh or defrosted berries.

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