Nilla_MG_9387Good food has always been a passion for me and what makes life good – the overall experience of how we enjoy life and the choices we make for ourselves in order to thrive on all levels.

My name is Nilla Gunnarsson, I’m from Stockholm Sweden. I am a Cookbook Writer, Nutrition Councelor and NLP Coach.  I have been blogging in Swedish since 2012 and for a long time I have wanted to write more and get more recipes out there in English for a larger public. Here’s a start!

Cooking, bakning and eating are simply my favorite things to do. Professionally I’ve spent about 10 years in the restaurant business working as a Cook, Dessert Cook and Kitchen Manager. Both in Stockholm and in Prague, CZ. I also have a business degree as Food and Beverage Manager. The past few years I have combined that experience with my passion for helping people find health through food through my own business as a Health Coach and Food Consultant.

Why gluten free and dairy free?

In 2010 I started eating gluten-free, dairy-free and sugar-free and my world changed. Having suffered a bunch of undiagnosed symptoms since young adulthood, I became completely symptom-free within a few weeks. The revolutionary change in my over all health got me interested in finding out more about the connection diet and health – not so much related to weight as to over all wellbeing. I studied nutrition and healthy cooking and started working with clients in 2012.

When creating recipes to suit my own new diet and my clients, it was important for me to not compromise with flavor… People liked my food and I started posting them on my blog. My blog audience slowly grew and in 2015 my first recipe book got published…

So far I have published three books in Swedish. Two have been translated into Scandinavian languages and German. Read more…

We deserve to enjoy what we eat, to feel happy emotionally and to live in a healthy body and we can do that by choosing what both tastes good and nourish our physical bodies at the same time. 


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  1. Helle Sinz

    In your “carrot cake with walnut flour”…can I use anything to replace the honey/syrup. I am not supposed to eat any sugar or fruit..in any shape..except Stevia.

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